How to remove the unused extension from vCenter 7

Hi, Today I will show you how we can remove the unused extension from VMware vCenter.

First of all, Where is the extenstion?

Please go to this address:

https://vCenter IP address → Administration → Solution → Client Plugins

I want delete this plugin from my vCenter.

1- go to the below address

https://vCenter IP address/mob

2- Enter your vCenter username and password

3- In the Properties Section, Click on Content

4- On the next page, click on ExtensionManager

5- Find your extension name. For example, I searched for the HPE plugin

Copy the extension name

6- Go to the Methods section under the page and find and click on UnregisterExtension

7- Paste or write your extension that you want to delete here and click on Invoke Method.

Finish 🙂

How to assign license to the vCenter 7.0 Update3

Hi, After install vCenter 7.0 Update 3 in my last post, You need to assign license to your vCenter.

For this purpose, You need to buy a license from VMware company. 

Login to your vCenter Server, You see a warning on your screen. Click on Manage Your Licenses button.

Your vCenter license is on Evaluation License. CLick ADD

Enter your License Key

Enter your License Name, NEXT

Your License import in to the vCenter repositry, Now you need assign your License to an asset. Click on Assets tab and choose VCENTER SERVER SYSTEMS

Select your vCenter License and click OK.

Now, Refresh your page, The alert message disappears .

Finish 🙂

Step by Step install vCenter 7.0 update3

Hi, Today i want install vCenter 7.0 Update3.

You can find system prerequisites from this page .

I downloaded VCSA 7.0 iso from and run the installer.

I choose Install.


Note: The external Paltform Services Controller deployment has been deprecated.

Note: Installing the vCenter Server is a two stage process. The first stage involves deploying a new vCenter Server to the target ESXi host or a compute resource in the target vCenter Server. The second stage completes the setup of the deployed vCenter Server. Next

2- License agreement, Click on check box. Next

3- Specify the vCenter Server deployment target settings. The target is the ESXi host or vCenter Server will be deployed.

On this page, fill in all the blank fields, Next

Accept certificate warning and click  NEXT

4- Enter the new VM name for your VCSA 7.0 Update 3 and set the root password for it, NEXT

5- Select your deployment size, I choose Large. NEXT

6- Select datastore, you can select Thin or Thick disk mode, NEXT

7- Configure your temprory network settings, NEXT

10- The installer will begin deploying the new VCSA according to the settings you provided. Finish

1- The second stage process. NEXT

2- Set your Time and NTP servers and you can Enbaled or Disabled SSH access to vCenter Server.

3- You have two option2: 1-Create a new SS domain or 2-Join an existing SSO domain

4- You can now  join VMware Customer Experience Improvement Program. This basically allows VMware to collect certain sanitized data from your environment, which could help with future releases.

5-Install – Stage 2

6- This process took about 45 minutes for me.

9- Login to the VCSA by the FQDN or IP address and proceed.

Finish 🙂