How to change vCenter Server Certificate

Hi, Today I decided to change my VCSA 8.0 certificate. For this purpose, we must do 4 things:

 Create CSR from the vCenter server
 Get a Certificate from an authority CA (I use a Microsoft CA server)
 Install OpenSSL and Convert the CER format certificate to PEM format
Assign it to vCenter

Let’s start.
1. Create CSR from the vCenter server:
1-1 Login to vCenter Server

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How to install an unattended vCenter

How to install an unattended vCenter (VCSA) server appliance?
You can use the CLI installer to perform a silent deployment of a vCenter Server appliance on an ESXi host or vCenter Server instance.
The CLI deployment process includes downloading the vCenter Server installer on a network virtual machine or physical server from which you want to perform the deployment, preparing a JSON configuration file with the deployment information, and running the deployment command.

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NSX Multi-Tenancy and VPC


Multi-tenancy is the ability to offer NSX networking and security services to multiple tenants completely isolated from each other. Every tenant will also have its own RBAC configuration and can be assigned quotas to limit the number of objects that can be created inside a tenant. Multi-Tenancy has been a long-awaited feature in NSX which enables not only service providers but also end customers to provide NSX services tailored and scoped down to a department/team level on the same NSX instance, previously that was only possible by deploying different NSX instances per tenant/department.

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