How to change vCenter Server Certificate

Hi, Today I decided to change my VCSA 8.0 certificate. For this purpose, we must do 4 things:

 Create CSR from the vCenter server
 Get a Certificate from an authority CA (I use a Microsoft CA server)
 Install OpenSSL and Convert the CER format certificate to PEM format
Assign it to vCenter

Let’s start.
1. Create CSR from the vCenter server:
1-1 Login to vCenter Server

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How to install an unattended vCenter

How to install an unattended vCenter (VCSA) server appliance?
You can use the CLI installer to perform a silent deployment of a vCenter Server appliance on an ESXi host or vCenter Server instance.
The CLI deployment process includes downloading the vCenter Server installer on a network virtual machine or physical server from which you want to perform the deployment, preparing a JSON configuration file with the deployment information, and running the deployment command.

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