How Enable SSH on ESXi SSH

Hi, Today i decided enable SSH on my ESXi.

I have 2 options for achive this goal:

1- Through Access to ESXi UI (vSphere Web Client)

2- Through Access to ESXi DCUI (Direct Console User Interface)

Let’s see how i can configure it:

1- Through Access to ESXi UI (vSphere Web Client)

Login to your ESXi web address, Enter your username and password.

Then Choose Manage From Navigator, And select Services tab

Find and select TSM service’s and press Start button.

2- Through Access to ESXi DCUI (Direct Console User Interface)


  • From the Direct Console User Interface, press F2 to access the System Customization menu.
  • Select Troubleshooting Options and press Enter.
  • From the Troubleshooting Mode Options menu, select a service to enable.
  • Enable SSH
  • Press Enter to enable the service.
  • Press Esc until you return to the main menu of the Direct Console User Interface.

End 🙂

Step by Step install ESXi 7.0 Update 3

Hi, Today i decided to install ESXi 7.0 Update 3. You can find ESXi iso from here. and You can learn more about ESXi from here.

Verify that your system meets the minimum hardware requirements. See ESXi Requirements

1- Insert iso in to the disk drive and turn server on.

2- I choose ESXi-7.0U3

3- If you want Cancel your installation press Esc or continue press Enter

4- Press F11 for Accept End User License Agreement and Continue

5- Select a Disk to Install ESXi, Then press Enter

6- Select your keyboar layout and then press Enter

7- Enter your root password and then press Enter

8- If you sure about your config, press F11

9- Your installation complete, press Enter for reboot the server

10-  After reboot you can see DCUI

11- You can press F2 for login to DCUI, Please enter your root account and your root password

12- In this page you can configure new password, Management Network, enbale or disbale shell or ssh and other configs.

13- I configure IP address for my ESXi server, I choose Configure Management Network and press Enter, Then I choose IPv4 Configuration, You can set IP address manual or use dynamic IPv4 address.

14- If you want to konw your Ip address is correct, You use Test Management Network .

Finish 🙂