Today I updated my ESXi environemt, after that when i want migrate my VM’s from host”X” to host”Y”, I got this error:

“No guest OS heartbeats are being received error even when the VMware Tools service is correctly installed and is running on the guest VM”.

VMware knowledge base tells :

1- Ensure that the VMware Tools are installed in the virtual machine before performing a migration
2- Ensure that the virtual machine has been running long enough for the operating system to be completely started before performing a migration
3- If VMware Tools are already installed, reinstall the VMware Tools to ensure that you are on the latest version and that there is no corruption in the configuration.
4- However if VMware Tools is up and running when checking the vCenter and the VM, that’s all very well.
5- If you restart your vCenter server it can also trigger this behaviour!

There are two ways to fix this:

1- In your vSphere Client which is connected to your vCenter server, just open a Console window to the VM and then immediately close it again. You don’t even need to login to the VM!
2- Another way to correct this is to STOP and then RESTART the VMware Tools Service process on the VM.