Installing Management Pack from Operations Manager

Hi, Today i decided to monitor my EMC Unity with vRops. I need to install Dell EMC ESA for vROps.

Dell EMC Enterprise Storage Analytics provides preconfigured, customizable dashboards so users can optimally manage their storage environment:

1. Topology

2. Metrics

3. Overview

4. Create-Your-Own-Dashboard

You can find and download it from VMware Marketplace .

I downloaded this file.


1- Login to your vRops, then go to Administarion –> Solutions –> Repository, Press the ADD button

2- Click on Browse

3- Select pakcage file that you downloaded it before.

4- Select Check box and press on UPDOAD button

5- Next

6- Select check box License Agreement and NEXT

7- Install Successful

8- You can see it in your Repositry, you must enter your storage username and password.

9- Enter a name for your account name, Your storage IP address and credential, Select your storage models from Connection Type, I select my Unity storage

10- You can add/delete more storage account in Other Accounts section

11- You can see your install result in Dashboard –> Dell EMC

Finish 🙂