Install vCloud Director 10.4 Step by Step 05

Hi, Today, I want to create a Provider VCD in the vCloud Director.

What is a provider VCD?

The provider VDC is an abstraction of a vSphere cluster or a resource pool.

A provider virtual data center (VDC) provides resources to a provider.

To make vSphere compute, memory, and storage resources available to vCloud Director, you create a provider VDC.

For network resources, a provider VDC can use NSX-T Data Center.


• Creating a provider VDC is a system administrator task.
• The provider VDC can be created only from the provider portal.
• Provider VDCs are linked to vCenter Server clusters or resource pools.


Create a resource pool in your vCenter server.

Let’s start.

1-Log into https://vCloud_IP/provider –> Resources –>Provider VDCs –> NEW

2- Enter a name and description for the new provider VCD.

3- Select a vCenter server to provide resource pools for this provider VDC.

4- Select the available resource pool that you created before in the vCenter server.

5- Select storage policies this provider VDC will offer.

6- Choose a network pool option for creating this provider VDC.

7- Review and click on the finish button.

Finish 🙂

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