Install vCloud Director 10.4 Step by Step 01

Hi, Today I decided to install vCloud Director 10.4.  

What is vCloud Director?

VMware vCloud Director (VMware vCD) is a platform with multi-tenant support for managing software-defined data centers (SDDC) and providing infrastructure as a service (IaaS) to customers.

You can download it from here


1- Make A record and reverse record for your vCloud Director.

2- NFS folder with full access permissions for the transfer file location

Install steps:

1- Select OVF, Enter a name, and select a compute resource for your virtual machine:

2- accept all License agreements

3-Select your deployment configuration

4- Select your Data Store

5-Select networks

HTTP traffic and console traffic use eth0. The internal database traffic uses eth1.

5-Enter NTP, root password, and Enable SSH root login

6-Enter your gateway for eth1

7-Enter Default gateway, Domain name, and others parameters.

8- Review your settings and click on the Finish button

9-Congratulation 🙂

10-Please open https://vCloud-IP-or-Name:5480

Enter NFS mount for the transfer file location:

“IP NFS Server”:/“Your mount Folder”

Enter a password for vcloud user for DB access

Enter a system name for creating a folder in VMware vCenter Server

If you want to log in to the provider, please use: https://vCloud-IP-or-Name/provider

Finish 🙂

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