Install vCloud Director 10.4 Step by Step 04

Hi, Today, I want to create a Network Pool in the vCloud Director.

What is a Network Pool?

A network pool is a collection of isolated layer-2 network segments that you can use to create vApp networks and certain types of organization VDC networks on demand.

Network pools must be created before organization VDC networks and vApp networks. If they do not exist, the only network option available to an organization is a direct connection to an external network.

Only a system administrator can create a network pool.

Supported by:

  • Port Groups Backed
  • VLAN ID Backed
  • Geneve Backed (NSX-T Overlay Transport Zone)
  • VXLAN Backed (NSX-V)


  • Each organization VDC can have one Network Pool
  • Multiple organization VDCs can share a Network Pool
  • With VCD 10.3, You can create a provider VDC without any Network Pools.

Let’s start.

1-Log into https://vCloud_IP/provider –> Resources –>Network Pools –> NEW

2- Enter a name and description for the new network pool.

3- Select Network Pool Type Geneve Backed

4- Select NSX-T Manager to provide the Geneve transport zone that this network pool will use.

5- Select your Transport Zone that you have created before in NSX-T console.

6- Next

Finish 🙂

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