Step By Step, Install VMware Horizon 8 – Part 9

Hi, Today I decided to install UAG for publishing my Horizon on the internet.

1- Download the Latest UAG OVF version from

2- Deploy your OVF in your vCenter server.

3- Enter UAG virtual name

4- Select a compute resource

5- Review details and click Next

6- You must choose your deployment method, I choose a single NIC for my lab environment

7- Select storage

8- Select your network

9- Customize the template

  • NIC 1 IPV4 address
  • DNS server address
  • DNS search Domain
  • NIC 1 IPV4 netmask
  • IPV4 Default Gateway
  • Unified Gateway Appliance Name
  • Password for the root user of this VM
  • Password for the admin user, which enables
  • Enable SSH
  • Allow SSH root login using a password

10- Finish Deployment

11- Open the UAG Page address

https://your IP address:9443/admin

12- General Settings –> Horizon Setting

Enter these parameters:

  • Enable Horizon
  • Connection server URL
  • Connection server URL Thumbprint
  • Enable PCoIP
  • PCoIP External URL (UAG IP Address)
  • Enable Blast
  • Blast External URL (UAG URL)
  • Enable Tunnel
  • Tunnel External URL (UAG URL)

13- Submit

14- Login to UAG address

15- I get an error

15- If you can not log in to your Panel from the UAG address, you must add this file to this address:

16- Go to the Connection server –> Settings –> Servers –> Connection servers –> Edit


Select HTTP Secure Tunnel and Enter External URL (connection Server URL)

Select PCoIP secure gateway and Enter PCoIP External URL (connection server IP)

Select use Blast secure gateway for only HTML Access connections to the machine and Enter Blast External URL (connection server URL)

Finish 🙂

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