Prepare Host Transport Nodes

Hi, In my previous post, I

In the NSX-T. Now, I want To Prepare Host Transport Nodes.

1- Go to the system –> Nodes –> Managed by –> select your vCenter –> Select Your host –> Configure NSX

2- Check your Name and IP address is ok.

3- I want to use VDS, choose my VDS switch name Dswitch-A, select two transport zone profiles that were created in the previous post, and select an uplink profile for the Host that we created in the older post. For the IP TEP assignment, select IP POOL, and select Host-TEP-IP-Pool.

In our Uplink Profile, we selected two NICs, here we must select which uplink must be mapped to the uplink profile. Mu ESXi host has three uplinks, I choose uplinks 2 and 3.

4- Second Host, check your Name and IP address is ok.

5- NSX Configuration must be in Success mode.

Finish 🙂

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