Hi, In my previous post, you saw How we could make an NSX Home LAB, in this post I show you a comprehensive picture of how I want to do that.

1- How to make NSX-T Home LAB?

  • Physical Network Design
  • IP and VLAN Design
  • DC
  • vCenter
  • ESXi Host

2- How to install NSX-T

3- Add Compute Manager

4- Add Second NSX-T Appliance to the cluster

5- Add Third NSX-T Appliance to the cluster

6-Set NSX-T Manager Virtual IP address

7- Add IP Address Pool

8- Add Uplink Profiles

9- Add Transport Zones

10- Prepare Host Transport Nodes

11- Add Segment

12- Install NSX Edge1

13- Install NSX Edge2

14- Add Edge Cluster

15- Add Tier-1 Gateways

16- Add Tier-0 Gateways

Finish 🙂

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