Install NSX Edge1

Hi, In my previous post, I

In the NSX-T. Now, I want to install NSX Edge.

1- Go to the System –> Fabric–> Nodes –> Edge Transport Nodes –> Add Edge Node

2- We must add two switches. One for Host Overlay and another for Host VLAN.

3- Add Host overlay switch

Enter Edge Name: NSX-Edge-A1

Enter the Edge switch name: nsxHostSwitchOverlay

Transport Zone: nsx-overlay-transportzone

Uplink Profile: khoshraftar-Edge-Transport-overlay-vetp-profile-single

IP Assignment: Use IP Pool


Uplink2: Edge-Transport-overlay-vtep-Trunk

Note: We created this port group on the vCenter nested.

4- Add Host VLAN switch

Enter the Edge switch name: nsxHostSwitchVLAN

Transport Zone: nsx-vlan-transportzone

Uplink Profile: khoshraftar-Edge-VLAN-LoadBalance

Uplink2: Left-Uplink-Edge-Trunk

Uplink3: Right-Uplink-Edge-Trunk

Note: We created these port groups on the vCenter nested.

Click Save

Finish 🙂

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