Add Uplink Profiles

Hi, In my previous post, I

In the NSX-T. Now, I want to add Uplink Profiles.

1- Go to the system –> Profiles –> Uplink Profiles –> Add Profile

2- I create a profile for Edge Transport Overlay with a single NIC

Note: I set VLAN 70 on this profile. Because I used to create a Trunk Port Group for Traffic Overlay. If you create a VLAN port group for overlay Traffic, you can set VLAN here to 0.

3- I create another profile for Edge VLAN with Two NICs.

Note: I set Transport VLAN 0 Because we create a VLAN profile, we don’t use it for overlay traffic, and we don’t need to set any VLAN.

4- I create a profile for Host VLAN and vtep with two NICs.

Note: I set VLAN 50 for overlay Traffic Because my port group is in Trunk mode.

Finish 🙂

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