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Hi, In my previous post, I

In the NSX-T. Now, I want To add a Segment.

In NSX-T Data Center, segments are virtual layer 2 domains. A segment was earlier called a logical
There are two types of segments in the NSX-T Data Center:

VLAN-backed segments
Overlay-backed segments

1- Go to the Networking–> Segment –> NSX –> Add Segment

2- Enter a name for your segment, and select a transport zone, I choose overlay.

To create a VLAN-backed segment, add the segment in a VLAN transport zone. Similarly, to create an overlay-backed segment, add the segment in an overlay transport zone.

Connected Gateway: I choose none.

Select this option when you do not want to connect the segment to any upstream gateway (tier-0 or

tier-1). Typically, you want to add a standalone segment in the following scenarios:

  • When you want to create a local testing environment for users that are running workloads on the same subnet.
  • When east-west connectivity with users on the other subnets is not necessary.
  • When north-south connectivity to users outside the data center is not necessary.
  • When you want to configure layer 2 bridging or guest VLAN tagging.

I explain other parameters in future posts.

This segment was created on the vCenter VDS switch as a Port Group with a VNI number.

Now, you can assign this port group to your VMs.

Finish 🙂

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