Step By Step, Install VMware Horizon 8

Hi, today in this post, I decided to explain how we can install VMware Horizon 8 in high availability mode.

You can find more detailed information about What’s New in this link.

You can find more detailed information about Horizon Administration in this link.

What is my plan:

We have in

Part 1

How to install the Connection server?

Part 2

How to add a license for the Connection Server?

How to add a vCenter Server Instance?

Part 3

How to install the Horizon Replica server?

Part 4

How to install and configure the Events Database?

Part 5

1- Create the Domain Admin User
2- Create OUs for Instant-Clone Desktops and RDSH Servers and Delegate Control
3- Add an instance – Clone Domain Administrator
4- Add Domain Bind

Part 6

How to create a Single – User Desktop Pool?

Part 7

How to Create RDSH – Published Desktop and Applications?

Part 8

How we can provision Users and Access Desktops and Apps?

Part 9

How to publish panel connection servers to the Internet through UAG?

Finish 🙂

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