Step By Step, Install VMware Horizon 8 – Part 8

Hi, Today I decided to publish Application Hosted on RDSH Servers.

The published applications feature supports a wealth of remote-experience features, which include client-drive redirection, access to locally connected USB devices, file-type association, Windows media redirection, content redirection, printer redirection, location-based printing, 3D rendering, smartcard authentication, and more.

After applications are published, end users launch Horizon Client, or the HTML Access web client, to access a catalog of published applications. Selecting an application from the catalog opens a window for that application on the local client device, and the application looks and behaves as if it were locally installed.

1- In the Horizon Console, navigate to Inventory > Applications, click the Add button, and select Add from Installed Applications.

1- For the Application Pool Type, leave the default, which is RDS Farm.
The server farm I created in the previous post should be displayed in the drop-down list.

3- Complete the Select Applications page, as follows, before clicking Next.

Note: Select the Entitle Users After Adding Pool check box.

4- Next

5- Submit

6- In the Add Entitlements dialog box, click Add.

7- Use the Find User or Group dialog box to search for users.

8- From the list of users and groups returned, select the users or groups to entitle, and click OK.

9- In the Add Entitlements dialog box, verify that the desired users or groups now appear in the list, and click OK.

10- Launching Remote Desktops and Applications from Client Devices

you can use the HTML Access web client by entering the URL of your Connection Server, using the following format:

https://<FQDN or IP address>

You can see your applications.

Finish 🙂

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