Step By Step, Install VMware Horizon 8 – Part 7

Hi, Today I want to config RDSH-Published Desktops and Application.

1- In the Horizon Console, navigate to Inventory > Farms, and click the Add button.

2- In the Add Farm wizard that opens, with Type selected in the left pane, select Automated Farm, and click Next.

3- On the vCenter Server page, select Instant Clone, and click Next.

4- On the Storage Optimization page, click Next.

5- On the Identification and Settings page, complete the settings, as follows, before clicking Next:

6- On the Load Balancing and Settings page, click Next.

7-On the Provisioning Settings page, complete the settings, as follows, before clicking Next:

  • Naming Pattern – I use RDS-0. This naming pattern helps you identify RDSH server instant clones in Horizon Console.
  • Farm Sizing – Set Maximum Machines to 3, and set Minimum Number of Ready (Provisioned) Machines to 1.

8- On the vCenter Settings page, complete the Default Image settings, as follows:

1- For the Parent VM in vCenter setting, click Browse to select the golden RDSH server VM you created according to the instructions in creating a Windows Image for a VMware Horizon Virtual Desktop, and click Submit.

2- For the Snapshot setting, click Browse to select the snapshot you created as part of the prerequisites for this exercise, and click Submit.

9- In the Virtual Machine Location section, click Browse to select a VM folder if you created one.

10- In the Resource Settings section, click Browse to select the appropriate vCenter resource for each setting.

Note: For the Network setting, leave the default, which means the Use network from current parent VM image check box is selected.

11- With the vCenter Settings page completed, click Next.

12- Complete the Guest Customization page, as follows:

  1. Verify that the correct domain and domain admin account are selected.
  2. For AD container, click Browse and select the OU that you created.
  3. Leave the other default settings, and click Next.

13- On the Ready to Complete page, click Submit.

You are returned to the Inventory > Farms page.

Finish 🙂

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