Step By Step, Install VMware Horizon 8 – Part 4

Hi, today I created an Event database to log Horizon events to a SQL Server instance, making the event data available to analytics software. For example, you can find the following types of events in the database:

  • Alerts that report system failures and errors
  • End-user actions, such as logging and starting desktop and application sessions
  • Administrator actions, such as adding entitlements and creating desktop and application pools
  • Statistical sampling, such as recording the maximum number of users over a 24-hour period.

Prerequisites for Setting Up the Events Database

  • SQL Server instance – This is the database server on which you will create the Events database.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 
  • Microsoft SQL Server Configuration Manager  
  • SA credentials ­– To create the necessary logins for the database, you will log in to the SQL Server instance as the sysadmin (SA) or as a user account with SA privileges.

How to install and configure the Events Database?

1- Click on SQL Server Installation and then Click on New SQL server

2- Select Specify a free edition or Enter your product key

3-Acept license Term


5-Select Default and Next

6- Default Server Configuration and Next

7- Select Mixed Mode and enter a password for sa username and add domain administrator account for SQL server administrator

8- Click on Install


10-Install Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

11- In the Object Explorer, right-click Databases, and select New Database from the submenu. Name the database and click OK.

12- My Database name is Horizon

Finish 🙂

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