Step By Step, Install VMware Horizon 8 – Part 3

Hi, today I want to install Replica Connection Server.

How to install Horizon Replica server?

1- Create two VMs and install two Windows servers and join them to your domain.

Guest OS – Microsoft Windows Server 2019
CPU – 4
Memory – 4 GB
New Hard Disk – 40 GB
New SCSI Controller – LSI Logic SAS
Network Adapter Type – VMXNET3

2- Download Connection server from this link and copy it to connection server’s VM.

3- Welcome page, Next

4- License Agreement, Next

5- Destination Folder

6- Installation Options

Standard installation – Generates a Connection Server instance with a new Horizon LDAP configuration.

Replica installation – Generates a Connection Server instance with a Horizon LDAP configuration that is copied from an existing instance.

Enrollment Server installation – Installs an enrollment server that is required for the True SSO (single sign-on) feature, so that after users log in to VMware Workspace ONE Access, they can connect to a remote desktop or application without having to provide Active Directory credentials. The enrollment server requests the short-lived certificates that are used for authentication.

I select Horizon Replica Server, Next.

7- On the Data Recovery page, enter the password you want to use for recovering data backups of the Connection Server.

8- Enter First Horizon Server HostName

9- On the Firewall Configuration page, accept the default, which is Configure Windows Firewall automatically.

10-  On the Initial Horizon Administrators page, for this exercise and for simplicity, I recommend authorizing an Active Directory domain group.

11- On the User Experience Improvement Program page, you can deselect the Join the VMware Customer Experience Improvement Program option to opt out of the program.

12- On the Ready to Install page, leave the default for the drop-down list, which is General, to indicate that you are deploying the Connection Server in an on-premises environment, and click Install.

12- On the Installer Completed page, click Finish.

13- You can launch the Horizon Console


Finish 🙂

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